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about me

​Since I was a kid I have always been interested in the way things work. My curious drive to explore and understand things in detail guided me through school into the world of Biological Sciences at University. This educational path has taught me the meaning of attention to detail, being open-minded and realistic about life.


I have always enjoyed adventures with a big passion for the ocean as a true waterman. When time and money allowed me to I have always enjoyed new adventures, places and opportunities to travel. During my university years I was really fortunate to explore a few countries on a student wallet and a point-and-shoot camera was an absolute necessity on the packing list. These opportunities showed me the importance of capturing an endearing moment, extending the memory of a special place and focusing in on an extraordinary sight so that it can be shared with others.

For me personally, photography is a means to truly appreciate things again and again long after the actual experience and a reminder of how blessed we are to live as part of God's awesome creations.


"I find great pleasure in sharing what  I see with others. People just tend to see the world through different eyes. By capturing things on camera I can share exactly what I see with those who miss the extrodinary beauty around us".

When looking through my lens, things slow down and true life comes into perspective.

As a self-taught photographer I have learned many things over the years, especially the meaning of timing and making effort when it matters. Over the years many friends, family members and random strangers have told me I have a good eye for photography and that I should persue this passion. These people have motivated me to explore, capture and share moments of life around us on a daily basis.

Life is too short to ignore those things that brings us happiness.


about the brand


I've had the nickname "Doc" since early varsity days. I used this as the basis for the brand and added the "A" for Adriaan ...and so now you know DOCA


about authenticity


Photography presents true authenticity as it freezes an actual moment in time. The use of images stretches far past personal posts, wall art and coffee table booklets but tells stories that can change people's lives and serve as inspiration to appreciate the precious moments around us.

I wish to explore a passion of creativity and design and will use all my skills and experience to capture images that can express visual emotion and the details of life so others can share these to tell there own stories and dream of their next adventures. On a daily basis we are surrounded by magical moments that occur within milliseconds in which authenticity is defined. Don't let these moments go by unnoticed.


Thank you for reading and I hope that some of these images are imprinted as a lasting memory with you

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